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Tips on Tipping at All Inclusive Resorts

The age-old etiquette question of tipping at all inclusive resorts; When do you tip? How much do you tip? Do you even tip at all?!  If you’re looking to book an all inclusive vacation, it’s good to get the skinny on when to tip at an all inclusive resort.

Adhering to U.S. tipping etiquette could mean spending much more in tips than you have to. Fortunately, you can minimize these chances while still getting good service with our tips on tipping at all inclusive resorts. 

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maroma Tips on Tipping at All Inclusive Resorts

Basic guidelines on tipping at all inclusive resorts:

Don’t tip if gratuity is included.

Some all-inclusive properties account for tips in their overall prices. They also factor tips into their employees’ wages. What all this means is that your checkout total is going to be higher than it would be if tips weren’t included, so you definitely don’t want to spend more money than you have to by tipping unnecessarily. You can find out whether gratuity is included by reading the fine print on your booking, or, if you’re in doubt, calling the hotel to ask them about their gratuity policy is also an option.

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If no tipping policy is specified, use your discretion.

At many all-inclusive resorts, tipping is appreciated but not expected.. It’s usually customary to tip waiters, bartenders, and room service, and housekeeping (a daily tip left on the bed is best). Bellhops and shuttle drivers are other staff you don’t want to forget about, especially if they go out of their way to assist you. Staff you don’t need to tip include front desk staff, kitchen staff—though a thank-you to the chef is always courteous—or general custodian staff.

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Show your appreciation with a good tip.

A tip is intended to express your appreciation of a service—whether that’s a delicious cocktail from a skilled bartender, a pleasant dinner served by an attentive waiter, or a spick and span room cleaned by a meticulous maid. Typically, you can adhere to the same tipping guidelines as in the U.S. in terms of how much you should tip. If you’re a traveler who recognizes excellent service when you receive it, feel free to give a more generous tip than usual.

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Once you’re aware of whether gratuities are included in the costs of your vacation and you know what quality of service merits your special thanks, then the act of tipping becomes a personal choice—much like choosing your perfect getaway destination and hotel.