Essential Travel Information

TSA Secure Flight Information

As of November 2010, all airlines must request certain information from passengers of domestic and international flights for the TSA’s Secure Flight Program. This information includes the passenger’s name (as it appears on a government-issued ID, such as a drivers’ license or passport), date of birth, gender, and redress number (if available. A redress number can be applied for if a passenger has previously been misidentified in order to prevent future misindentification). If complete passenger data is not submitted to the airline before boarding, then a boarding pass cannot be issued. To avoid travel delays and possible misidentification, we encourage all travelers to familiarize yourself with the program at According to the TSA website, you will not be turned away at the airport if the name on the boarding pass does not match your passport.

The purpose of Secure Flight is to assist the TSA in the process of watch list matching. TSA’s goals are to identify terrorists, prevent individuals on the No Fly List from passing through airport security, identify those passengers who may need enhanced screening, facilitate air travel, and protect individual privacy.