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Ambassador Paul Murray – Recognizing Customer Loyalty

paulfishing300x326 Ambassador Paul Murray - Recognizing Customer LoyaltyAll Inclusive Outlet would like to recognize Paul Murray, of Cardiff by the Sea, CA, as our next Ambassador. Paul and his wife have been travelers with All Inclusive Outlet since 2008. All Inclusive Outlet would also like to thank Paul for being an active promoter of All Inclusive Outlet. “I have recommended you to a whole bunch of people,”

Paul said in his Ambassador interview with All Inclusive Outlet. Back in 2008, Paul found All Inclusive Outlet online, as do many clients. Paul’s designated All Inclusive Outlet Travel Consultant has been Missy Potts, who has been with the company for over 10 years. Paul cites Missy as the reason why he has booked with All Inclusive Outlet almost 20 times since 2008. “She has gotten me out of some jams,” he said. “She has helped me with some stuff, and she is really responsive.”

Paul’s favorite destination has been Jamaica, and all of his trips with All Inclusive Outlet have been to Jamaica. “We love Jamaica,” he said. “Jamaica is a beautiful country with wonderful people and an ocean to die for. We have been all over.” Most people head to Jamaica for the beautiful beaches, such as Seven Mile Beach; fabulous scuba diving; and turquoise blue waters that are also perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and a host of other water sports.

While Paul has enjoyed scuba diving in Jamaica, he hopes to try his luck with scuba diving in a new vacation spot soon. Paul is also a golfer, and he is looking forward to visiting the Dominican Republic in the future for golf as well as scuba diving. “They have some beautiful golf courses there,” he said. Many of the golf courses in the Dominican Republic have been rated some of the best within the Caribbean region and throughout the world.

paulfishing300x326 Ambassador Paul Murray - Recognizing Customer Loyalty
Paul Murray in the water at Hedonism II.

After speaking with Paul, it seems fairly certain that he will be sticking with all inclusive resorts. “It is really nice not to have to worry about money while you are on a trip,” he said, citing all the things that are included with all inclusive packages—activities, food, drinks, etc. “When you are not at an all inclusive resort, you constantly have to worry about where you are going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and where you find scuba and other things to do. And then you pay a premium price.

“I don’t like to deal with money while on vacation,” he added. “Not to say we don’t ever go off site for dinner. But all inclusive is not as stressful, especially with kids…you don’t always have to make sure they have money in their hands.”

As a busy attorney who practices constitutional amendment, intellectual property, and real estate law in Southern California, Paul said he just wants to get away from it all sometimes. “I like to be able to turn my brain off for a few days since I am in a high-stress business,” he said.

We wish Paul happy travels with his wife, his three grown children, and several grandchildren. Just as we have for the previous five years, we look forward to helping him choose some new vacation spots within the Caribbean.

paulfishing300x326 Ambassador Paul Murray - Recognizing Customer Loyalty

Paul Murray with his wife, Barbara, and his son, Andrew at Breezes Runaway Bay.