Jamaica – The Quintessential Caribbean Island

Few islands promise as potent a mixture of beauty, adventure, history and culture as the island of Jamaica. Diamond shores dotted with palm trees and emerald hills covered in tropical foliage welcome you to a new level of romantic traveling. Crowning the interior of the island is the famous Blue Mountain peak, which stands at a height of 7,402 feet and towers over an array of small farms which grow the island’s coveted, Blue Mountain coffee. Head west to discover the gentle currents of the Martha Brae River, where skilled captains guide you into the heart of the island on a 30 foot, bamboo raft.

Blue Mountain coffee is just one of the delicacies found in the duty free shops and open markets of Jamaica. The island’s native, Appleton Rum is distilled from sweet molasses by an expert blender, creating a variety of flavors your friends will love. Taste the richness of an authentic Cuban cigar, or bargain with the local merchants for the perfect piece of imported jewelry. Shopping is an excellent way for you to peruse the artistic touch of the island and enjoy the warmth of the Jamaican people.

Venture south of Kingston to explore the famous pirate capital of the Caribbean, Port Royal. Though two thirds of the city rests at the bottom of the harbor because of the 1692 earthquake, many of its exciting relics still remain. Explore the halls of Fort Charles, see the Giddy Artillery House, walk through the Old Navy Hospital, and marvel at Jamaica’s most historic church, St. Peters. The glory of Port Royal can still be found, and still awaits, in this now quiet fishing town.

Yet to be mentioned are Jamaica’s most precious gems, which can be found towering over the sugary sands of its northern shoreline. Some of the finest resorts on the island are scattered along the beautiful coastal cities of Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, giving your wild Jamaican adventure a soothing touch of modernity. Both spontaneous and balanced, Jamaica deserves its reputation as the quintessential Caribbean island.

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