Specialist Series

Specialist Series: Meet Shannon Bilby!

  • Where would you go if you had to pick up and leave tomorrow? Why? Turks and Caicos because I’ve heard their beaches are stunning!
  • What is your favorite excursion or activity while traveling and what would you recommend to a couple or family/group? Anything that has to do with adventure. Four wheeling in Costa Rica or banana boating in the Bahamas
  • What did you learn from your worst travel experience or best? to always take a bathing suit and an extra pair of clothing in my carry on in case the airline misplaces my bags.
  • What is your top recommendation of hotels? Karisma brand or Couples resorts
  • What are must haves in your carry on? Bathing suit, chapstick, hairbrush, headphones, my favorite book

 My favorite travel quote:

If you would like Shannon to assist you with your vacation planning feel free to contact her at:
Email:  shannon.bilby@allinclusiveoutlet.com
Phone: 888-403-2822 ext. 201