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Ambassador Kelly Schaffer: Ten Years and Counting

kellyschaffer2-400x212 Ambassador Kelly Schaffer: Ten Years and CountingAll Inclusive Outlet is proud to announce its next ambassador, Kelly Schaffer of Slatington, PA. As a fan of all inclusive resorts and of All Inclusive Outlet, Kelly has been vacationing with All Inclusive Outlet for 10 years now. However, the relationship started before her first booking in 2003 when she “met” All Inclusive Outlet President Tom Carr on AOL message boards related to travel. Kelly found posts from Tom, who was actively sharing his knowledge and love of all inclusive resorts with anyone who asked. “He was very informative, so I called his agency and found them to be so helpful and knowledgeable,” Kelly said. It was the beginning of a beautiful business relationship.

Kelly had already experienced a few all inclusive resorts before she became a customer of All Inclusive Outlet. She and husband Zane went to the Crown Paradise Club in Mexico in 1998 and 2001. After that their all inclusive travels took them to various resorts in Jamaica. “My travel agent at All Inclusive Outlet [Dianne Carr] tried to talk me into trying Couples, but I wouldn’t listen…at least the first few times,” Kelly said. “We finally took her advice in 2005, and now we’re hooked [on Couples Resorts].”

kellyschaffer2-400x212 Ambassador Kelly Schaffer: Ten Years and CountingShe and Zane have been traveling to Couples Resorts in Jamaica every year since. In addition to their loyalty to Couples, she has also remained loyal to All Inclusive Outlet, and she said the reason is due to its low, low prices. “I have never found anyone to be less expensive, and over the years I have looked! And the knowledge of the resorts [by the travel agents] is extensive,” she explained.

Kelly has worked with All Inclusive Travel Consultant Kelly Reid for most of her Couples bookings. She has recommended Kelly Reid and All Inclusive Outlet to friends and family, as well. Several have booked with All Inclusive Outlet.

Meanwhile Kelly Reid nominated Kelly Schaffer as an All Inclusive Outlet Ambassador. “I nominated Kelly Schaffer to be an All Inclusive Outlet Ambassador because she has been wonderful to work with, she is well traveled, and she has been a loyal client with Couples Resorts over the years. She will be an amazing ambassador for our company. She has already suggested our company to others in the past, which is greatly appreciated,” said Kelly Reid.

The relationship All Inclusive Outlet employees build with their clients allows clients to find the resorts that best fit their needs so that they can find their own personal paradise. “We love Couples Resorts,” Kelly Schaffer commented. “We feel that they offer everything that we want in a vacation. Their resorts are really nice. The properties are clean and well cared for. Their staff is the best we have encountered anywhere…friendly and helpful. They also include more options, like scuba diving and outside trips. Their food is wonderful, and alcohol is higher quality than at other places.”

And Kelly knows all about food and alcohol since she and Zane own a restaurant and bar called Neff’s Hotel in Neffs, PA. With the busyness that comes from owning their own company, along with being parents to a 13-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son, Kelly and Zane love traveling to get time away from work and stress, especially after the busy season during Christmas and New Years. “Where we go is so important, because we just want to be able to relax and be taken care of for a change,” Kelly said. “That’s why we keep going back to Couples. We know what we’re getting, and we know it will be high quality. Once we arrive, our biggest decision is picking the restaurant we want to eat at, right on property, followed by which drink we’d like to try.”

kellyschaffer2-400x212 Ambassador Kelly Schaffer: Ten Years and CountingDuring their vacations, Zane can be found sailing and scuba diving, while Kelly enjoys some down time with a good book. They enjoy going to the spa together and getting that relaxation time as a couple. In addition, the Schaffers have even made long-term friends at the resorts. “We know lots of people now that are there during Anniversary week that we keep in touch with regularly,” Kelly added. “And we have two other couples that we’ve met there who we now book our vacations during the same time every year. We have also done other trips with them, too.”

When it comes to picking a favorite Couples Resort, Kelly has a hard time choosing, since each has their own unique strengths. “We feel Couples Tower Isle has the best staff and restaurants, and Couples Sans Souci has an amazing property. It is so spread out and beautiful, and we love that all the rooms are suites,” she added. “We can’t pick a favorite between them, so the last few years we’ve been doing a split stay between the two. We’ve been going to Couples since 2005, and we look forward to our trip every year.”

One year, Kelly and Zane brought the kids and stayed at a family all inclusive resort. While they had a great family vacation, Kelly commented that the family resort they stayed in just wasn’t the same quality as Couples. Plus she joked that it has now created a problem for them. “The kids loved it so much and don’t understand why we don’t take them with us every year now. I had to tell them, ‘Sorry, not happening.’

kellyschaffer2-400x212 Ambassador Kelly Schaffer: Ten Years and Counting“We’ve been lucky that we’ve been able to take the adult-only vacation every year, because our parents didn’t mind babysitting for us to go,” she commented. “My mother-in-law once said that she thought it was very important for our marriage to be able to go away like that.”

Now they consider Jamaica like a home away from home. “We love so many things about Jamaica, but what we love most are the people we’ve met there,” she continued. “The island is beautiful, and the food we’ve eaten there is delicious! We enjoy that Jamaica has become our second ‘home,’ and we’re so lucky that we can return every year.

“The reason we went in the first place is that it’s an affordable Caribbean vacation. Now we return because, even though we would love to travel to other places, it’s hard to not return to Jamaica where we know we’ll have a relaxing vacation, and the value is there. We keep returning because we vacation for relaxation, and all inclusives provide relaxation.”

One thing is for certain. This couple has certainly found the place they can call paradise.

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