All Inclusive Vacation Planning & Tips

Fun First Day of Summer Activities While on Vacation

The Caribbean islands are filled with breathtaking sights and serene beaches – and your all inclusive resort has everything you need to enjoy the perfect tropical weather. While lounging on the beach is fantastic, it’s also worth exploring the ancient trails and other natural surroundings. These top activities will allow you to make the most of your summer vacation stay in Caribbean paradise!

Scenic Bike Rides


You can ride along the shore of most resorts in the Caribbean, but some places have the perfect combination of long stretches of coastline and around-the-clock beauty! Aruba has many flat yet breathtaking coasts that are ideal for cruising, and many all inclusive resorts can provide a bike or an instructor to show you around. In Jamaica, you can ride down the vast Blue Mountain region, which features mostly down-hill biking, for a relaxing sightseeing tour. In Cancun, wake up early for a sunrise bike ride while you watch the colorful ocean come to life. Wherever you choose to stay, the Caribbean is full of unique paths that are guaranteed to take your breath away!

Rolling with the Waves


The Caribbean is home to turquoise waters that are often calm and temperate, and this is the ideal climate for kayaking whether you’re a beginner or an expert! Enjoy a tandem or solo kayak by leisurely paddling around the bay in the Riviera Maya. As evening approaches, the waves often become choppier making it an ideal workout for those looking for something more challenging. If you’d rather not sit, try paddleboarding, where you stand on an oversized surfboard and paddle across the still ocean. Paddleboarding is both a great workout and uniquely relaxing, and you are guaranteed a peaceful journey with lovely views as you ride along the coast. If you want more adventure, head to Jamaica’s Montego Bay for some incredible wind surfing action. Of course, you can always snorkel or go scuba diving and explore the beautiful coral and underwater animals. The ocean is calling, and you deserve to answer at an amazing resort!

Hiking along Coastal Ruins


The Caribbean has more to offer than just idyllic beaches. On many of the islands, you will find ancient ruins that are an attraction in their own right. The Riviera Maya hosts some of the world’s best beaches, and nearby, you can hike to breathtaking Mayan ruins that continue to stand tall today. Explore the temples that are scattered amongst the lush jungle, or try ziplining across the incredible trees. In Jamaica’s Ocho Rios region, hike to Dunn’s River Falls to experience one of the few cascades of water that falls directly into the ocean. The view is incredible, and you can even hike the actual waterfall itself if you dare!

Active Relaxation


Often while on vacation, you want to get your body moving but you don’t want the activity to be too extraneous. Your all inclusive resort’s gym, tennis courts and golf course will always be available, but you may prefer something a little more involved with nature. In these situations, try yoga on the beach to release tension while feeling the comfort of sand between your toes and waves rolling nearby. Try water-aerobics in the temperate pool, or head to the spa to get a full-body massage. Afterwards, you can stroll back to your room or the pool, and simply take in all of the sights and sounds of the Caribbean.

When the evening’s cool breeze hits you, and the fresh scent of the ocean follows you around the resort, you will see that it really is summer all the time in the Caribbean.