Specialist Series: All Inclusive Travel Experiences

An All Inclusive Vacation in Mexico: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

We love hearing about people’s travel stories and wanted to share some of our own! This ongoing series will feature out Travel Specialists and their real-life travel experiences.

On her recent all inclusive vacation in Mexico, Kelly had the chance to visit eight different resorts under the Karisma Hotels & Resorts chain in Riviera Maya! She stayed at the beautiful adults-only El Dorado Royale and toured El Dorado Casitas Royale, El Dorado Seaside Suites, El Dorado Maroma, Generations Riviera Maya, The Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa del Carmen, Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya, and Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun!

Although she was busy hopping between properties, Kelly had an enjoyable tropical experience packed with mouthwatering food, outstanding service, and premium luxury.

Read more about Kelly’s all inclusive vacation in Riviera Maya:

Have you ever traveled to this destination/resort before?
Yes, I have been to Mexico a dozen times and have toured a few of these resorts before, but it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been back.

What was your immediate reaction when you first arrived to the destination/resort?
El Dorado Royale had a beautiful lobby and fountains, welcoming staff, and great service!

El-Dorado-Royale-fountains-1024x768 An All Inclusive Vacation in Mexico: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

El Dorado Royale

What was your favorite amenity offered at the resort?
24-hour room service, hammocks and Jacuzzis in the rooms, and the food in general!

Describe what your accommodations were like:
King bed, Jacuzzi, patio with hammock, beautiful marble shower and modern bathroom, and a peaceful garden view from the patio.

What was the quality of service like?
Excellent: warm, friendly, professional, and prompt most of the time.

Where did you eat and what was your favorite meal?
We ate buffet breakfast each morning at Cocotal at El Dorado Royale, which was excellent! My favorite meal overall was probably at the Italian restaurant, D’Italia, where I had prosciutto stuffed chicken with asparagus risotto, bruschetta, and lasagna. All were delicious!

El-Dorado-Royale-fountains-1024x768 An All Inclusive Vacation in Mexico: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

Rum cake dessert at El Dorado Seaside Suites

How did you spend your day?
This was a short trip and we toured eight resorts in two days, so there wasn’t a lot of free time unfortunately. When we did have time to ourselves, we swam for a little bit, walked along the beach, and then back in my room I spent some time in the hammock on my patio and in the Jacuzzi.

Tell us something unique about this resort that one may not be able to find online:
El Dorado Casitas Royale has a greenhouse onsite where they grow all of their own herbs as well as many different vegetables and fruits. Karisma is a very eco-friendly resort chain. The owners give back to the community and it is locally owned and operated, so you have a more authentic experience at most of their resorts.

Also, Le Chicque restaurant at Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun is rated one of the best restaurants in Mexico (not just at an all inclusive resort) and offers unique dining experiences!

Your favorite part of the entire trip was…
Touring the Palafito over-the-water bungalows at El Dorado Maroma (wow!).

El-Dorado-Royale-fountains-1024x768 An All Inclusive Vacation in Mexico: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

Overwater Bungalows at El Dorado Maroma

Three words to sum up your trip are:
Informative, luxurious, and delicious!

What is your best piece of advice to travelers looking to book an all inclusive vacation package?
Be sure and choose the right time to go since there is a clear rainy season in Mexico. Also, make sure you really think hard about what factors are the most important to you for your trip (beach, watersports, relaxation, spa, socializing, nightlife, excursions or activities, pools, upscale rooms or amenities, or dining). Advise your travel consultant of these preferences and they can find the best match for you.

Would you go back to this destination/resort?
Yes, I would definitely go back. My favorite properties were El Dorado Maroma, Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya, and Generations Riviera Maya, but I enjoyed all of them!

El-Dorado-Royale-fountains-1024x768 An All Inclusive Vacation in Mexico: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya

What is your dream vacation?
This is difficult because I like to travel for different purposes. I like to sightsee and tour cities like London and New York, look at natural beauty like Glacier National Park in Montana or the Grand Canyon, and I also like relaxing beach vacations where I’m pampered. In the Caribbean, my favorite so far is St. Lucia, simply because it offers a little bit of everything: adventure, relaxation, cultural experiences, and beauty! One day I would love to stay at Ladera Resort in an open-air, mountain side room with a private pool in St. Lucia or in an overwater bungalow at El Dorado Maroma.

It’s hard for us not to be jealous of Kelly’s luxurious experience in Mexico. Indulge in your own slice of paradise by searching through the best discounted vacation packages at All Inclusive Outlet today!