Customer Service

Making a Payment – Denied Payments

How do I make a payment?

You can make a payment towards the balance of your booked vacation at any time by visiting Just enter your Booking Number (which can be found in your confirmation email) and your billing zip code, then click Retrieve Booking.

What if my payment is denied?

Your payment may be denied for a variety of reasons. Go to and follow the steps below:


1. Try a Different Card

If possible, try making a payment with a different credit or debit card.

2. Try Again

Your payment may have been denied due to a temporary, technical difficulty. Visit the payment page to enter your booking number and billing zip code, and click “Retrieve Booking” button to try again.



In the event that you are unable to pay using the link or methods described above, please contact your financial institution to determine the cause of the denial. If the problem persists and payment is still denied, please call your agent during office hours (9-5 EST, M-F) at 1-888-403-2822 to complete the booking.

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