Specialist Series: Meet our Travel Agents

Specialist Series: Deirdre Donnelly

  • Where would you go if you had to pick up and leave tomorrow? Why? I’m really aiming to go to Ireland next because I’ve never been there. My Dad is from Ireland and I have a ton of cousins there. I want to see where my Dad grew up and meet some of my cousins that I’ve never met before. That’s my dream. If I was to choose an all inclusive, I just got back from Jamaica and I really loved it. We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid and Jewel Dunns River. I loved it there.
  • What is your favorite excursion or activity while traveling and what would you recommend to a couple or family/group? I would recommend ziplining. This could be done anywhere or in Jamaica at Dunns River Falls. In Cancun I would recommend the Xel Ha Park and Xcaret. I say, try something you’ve never done before and you’ll be very pleased with yourself and feel accomplished and it’s a really cool feeling you can do that. Its great for families for bonding time.
  • What did you learn from your worst travel experience or best? I’ve been pretty lucky and haven’t had any real bad experiences or have gotten sick. If it rains, find something to do or go to the spa. With flights I’ve gotten pretty lucky too. If flights go wrong, make the best of it and be as calm as you can be and let things work out on their own. If something went wrong, just ask questions and stay calm. Don’t overreact, it just makes things worse. That’s my advice, stay positive. Also, don’t over park! I brought too many clothes and I received a bottle of rum as a gift, but had to leave it behind because it didn’t fit in my suitcase.
  • What is your top recommendation of hotels? From Mexico, I love the Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla. It’s an awesome adults-only resort. I love adults-only resorts. If I’m with kids, great. If I’m not with them, I want to be at an adults-only. I also like the Secrets the Vine at the Hotel Zone, which was really nice. Punta Cana Paradisus and Secrets in Jamaica were also great.
  • What are must haves in your carry on? I always need something to read, some music to listen to, sunscreen, a little snack, comfortable shoes and sandals. I keep it light when going somewhere warm.


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