Specialist Series: Meet our Travel Agents

Specialist Series: Nicole Ernst

  • Where would you go if you had to pick up and leave tomorrow? Why? I’m very intrigued by going to Jamaica. You hear so much about the 7 Mile Beach and how gorgeous the water is. If I was to drop and go right now, that would be my pick. I don’t know much about the area and a lot of our clients travel there so I would love to know more about it firsthand so I can share with them what it’s like. It makes such a big difference when you experience it for yourself.
  • What is your favorite excursion or activity while traveling and what would you recommend to a couple or family/group? My favorite excursion is swimming with dolphins, whale watching, snorkeling and anything like jungle cruises where you can see animals. That gets me really excited. If I see a resort that has monkeys that are there, that’s where I want to go! For families, in Mexico, I’ve heard great things about Xcaret for kids. For adults, there’s a lot I’ve sent to couples, but the jeep tour where you go through the jungle is a lot of fun.
  • What did you learn from your worst travel experience or best? My worst travel experience was when I was so prepared for my husband to get sick when we went to Molokini Bay in Hawaii and I went down under the boat where they had food and drinks and I ended up being the one who got sick. I learned this trick where you take a flat coke, ginger ale and ginger, the guy that was the boat tour captain made me chug it, and once I did, I was completely fine! That’s what I learned to do when you get sick. Also, don’t wear new shoes when you go on a trip, you’ll get blisters.
  • What is your top recommendation of hotels? My favorite is the Karisma brand. El Dorados for couples and Azuls for families. I like that they’re gourmet inclusive and take a lot of pride in their food and drink and how it tastes, looks and how it’s presented. The people that you encounter that work there are just top notch. They’re fabulous happy people and go out of their way to make you happy and comfortable. When you hear people that go all the time and it’s like home away from home, you can see why through their staff and amenities.
  • What are must haves in your carry on? Ear buds so I can be in my own little world, I always put jewelry in my carry on so I don’t have to worry about them getting lost and some sort of magazine to keep me busy. Basically anything else I don’t want to lose.


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