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A Holiday Vacation? Eight Reasons Why You Should

The holidays are approaching and you may be getting more and more excited about having time off from work or school. Well, how about taking it one step further and get excited about a Caribbean vacation during the holidays? Should you take that plunge and book an exotic vacation during the holiday season?

Of course you should, and here are some reasons why.

Sand Snowman1. A holiday vacation makes a great present—whether you want to be extra good to yourself or score major points with a loved one, a vacation during the holidays can be considered the ultimate gift.

2. Avoid that nasty winter weather. Most parts of the U.S. can be downright frigid during the holidays. Get a break from those gray days and opt for some warm, tropical weather. What a great mood lifter in the middle of winter.

3. If you have a resort stay arranged for right before Christmas, or on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, then resorts are typically less crowded, which equates to more room on the beach or at the pool, a more relaxing environment, and less crowded attractions and activities. Keep in mind that if you decide to travel between Christmas and New Years, you will need to book early so that you don’t miss out on a room since that week can typically fill up at many resorts.

4. If you dread the thought of all of the obligatory things that come along with the holidays—cooking big meals, cleaning up for the arrival of guests and then cleaning up after those guests leave, and perhaps you really don’t want to deal with shopping for a Secret Santa giveaway—then going away might be the perfect answer.

5. The holidays can be a great time to bond with family, whether you are around immediate family or get together with extended family. One way to make it extra special could involve taking a trip together. Then it becomes the best family reunion ever.

6. Do you want to avoid the frantic holiday pace? Instead of dealing with long lines at stores, overbooked restaurants, and endless holiday get-togethers, picture yourself lounging on a beach in the Caribbean with crystal-clear waters lapping at your feet and the feel of the warm sun on your face. So you get a week of fun and relaxation while everyone else deals with traffic, chaos, and stress.

7. Traveling during holiday time off will help you make the most of your vacation days. Schools and most companies offer time off during the holidays. This means that you can take advantage of that time, and save your vacation days for another trip, or for down time at home.

8. Just think of the memories you can make during this holiday season. A trip to the Caribbean, MexicoCosta Rica, or Panama, is an experience to be remembered. And imagine how jealous all of your friends will be when you come back and show them the fabulous photos you took during your sunset stroll on the beach, your afternoon of snorkeling, your golf outing on a course overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters, etc. And those photos and memories can then help you get through the long dreary winter days ahead…that is before you plan your next getaway to a tropical paradise.

Whether you are picturing a tropical vacation in the near future, or are ready to go from dreaming to planning, we hope you will browse for some of the wonderful all inclusive resorts we offer. And don’t miss out on our Hot Deals page for the top sales going on now. Your holiday vacation is only a few clicks away.

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Facebook and Twitter Additions
Some of our fans on Facebook and Twitter added several great reasons to the list. Here are a few.

  • To get away from it all and get served first class by the best in the Carribean!
  • No shoes, no shirt, no problems. There is no better place then to be with your family with your feet in the sand instead of the snow.
  • There is nothing better than starting the New Year relaxed and refreshed!
  • Reason to pack a bag for the holiday season is that most people get so caught up in the mix of shopping/cooking/entertaining, everyone forgets what holidays are about – giving, spending time with loved ones – therefore, packing a bag and getting away from all the hustle and bustle would make for a great relaxing time with your family/friends as well as put you in the giving spirit!
  • You should pack your bags for the holiday season and take a trip because the holidays are also near the end of the year. After a busy year with work and other life events, you owe it to yourself to lay back, relax, reflect and be thankful for all your blessings, all you have gained and for all your achievements over the past year.
  • Decompress!
  • Getting extra special time to spend with my sig other and to get away from work, family, friends, and the stress of the daily grind.