Specialist Series: Meet our Travel Agents

Specialist Series: Stephanie Ruth

  • What is your favorite excursion or activity while traveling and what would you recommend to a couple or family/group? Dolphin Experience or Dolphin Swim. During one of our FAM trips to Jamaica we swam with dolphins and had a blast (also a nice memory to bring home)! I love dolphins so anytime I can swim in the water with them, that’s a win.
  • What did you learn from your worst travel experience or best? Well one time I missed a flight in Florida due to traffic! Needless to say I learned my lesson… always prepare and leave with plenty of time, even if you have to sit in the airport for awhile longer.
  • What are must haves in your carry on? A charger, I’ve traveled before and been stuck overnight without a phone charger, so now I always take it so I’m not lost in touch with reality. A magazine because it’s light and easy to carry and I typically change with people. Gum and candy, it helps your ears and it helps your breath. A jacket and sweater because it always seems to be chilly, I like to dress in layers.
  • What is your top recommendation of hotels? My choice is Secrets, that typically changes, but since I’ve stayed at a couple of different Secrets, they stay very consistent and they’re modern. They have great bathrooms and beds. There’s marble and granite and is just very clean. The Preferred Club makes you feel like a rock star. They always have amazing spas also. I went down to get a coffee one morning in December and they made a Christmas tree out of the foam. It’s just really pampering!
  • Where would you go if you had to pick up and leave tomorrow? Why? Jamaica for the laidback attitude, beautiful surroundings and of course the beef patties and jerk chicken.


My favorite travel quote:


If you would like Stephanie to assist you with your vacation planning feel free to contact her at:

Email: stephanie.ruth@allinclusiveoutlet.com

Phone: 888-403-2822 ext.220

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